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about us

The BuildLabs

Embarking on the journey to build your dream home should be a joyous and exciting experience, but for far too many, it turns into a nightmare filled with shattered dreams and unmet expectations. The tales of poor quality, broken processes, and abysmal communication have become all too common among those who have built their homes. Homeowners deserve better, and it's time for a revolution in the construction industry.

BuildLabs is on a mission to change the home-building experience forever.

Located in the Hamptons, BuildLabs is an end-to-end custom design-build solution for new construction, blending precision engineering, timeless craftsmanship, and single-source accountability for an elevated building experience.
Pre-frabricated wall being constructed
custom home building process
Pre-frabricated wall being constructed
custom home building process
custom home building process
custom home building process
custom home building process

The BuildLabs

We are a custom design + build firm with a new vision for construction. We are passionate about integrating innovation, precision, and sustainability into every project. Our commitment to construction craftsmanship ensures that your investment stands the test of time and streamlines construction for both clients and architects. Using our empirically-based construction methodology, we seamlessly merge off-site and on-site work, virtually eliminating guesswork before the project begins.

Shifting Priorities
Towards the Future

We no longer can accept the idea that “they just don’t build them like they used to.” Advanced Construction Technologies now exist allowing us to blend what is timeless from traditional building methods with modern hybrids of offsite prefabrication and modular construction to achieve results like never before.

This is where BuildLabs’ potential lies — in sharing systems and products that turn eyes toward the beautiful and our priorities toward forever.


BuildLabs redefines construction through intelligent innovation, seamlessly merging off-site and on-site methodologies. With precision engineering, we craft custom builds to minimal tolerances. Our unique approach to off-site fabrication dramatically reduces assembly points on-site, ensuring cost, time, and unmatched quality benefits.

Building Your Vision

Building your dream home or workspace should be an exciting and collaborative experience. When you put your trust in BuildLabs, our commitment is to deliver a process and product superior to anyone else. From start to finish, communication, quality, and transparency are prioritized to put your mind at ease. Here is what you will experience in each phase:
phase 1


  • Set up your initial build consultation
  • Outline your project needs
  • Consider your budget and goals
phase 2


  • We can work with your architect
  • You can work with our architectural team
  • Choose and customize one of our Build-to-suit designs
phase 3


  • Project permitting
  • Construction on a fixed budget and timeline with no change orders
  • Streamlined milestone invoicing, no monthly bills
phase 4


  • Realize promised value
  • Experience a better way of living
  • Enjoy your forever home

What our clients say

We were drawn to Buildlabs for a few reasons, including the promise of a fixed cost, which is unusual when you’re building a new home. Typically, any delays or additional costs along the way are passed on to the client, but in this case we truly only paid the price we agreed on in the beginning. The day the container arrived was so exciting – exactly on time – and we were able to see the different pieces being lifted out and put together to make our house. It was truly a unique experience and we love our home!

Marilyn W.
Sag Harbor, NY

Our team has found working with BuildLabs to be very rewarding. We like working with smart people who build offsite, and love the use of technology and how it empowers us to optimize the built environment.

John Winberry
Queens, NY
Architect/Partner, The UP Studio

The house has exceeded all of our expectations. The BuildLabs team’s attention to detail came through in their work, with high quality fixtures, finishes, and appliances. Importantly, everything has worked since day one, and that continues to be the case today!

Joe T.
Southampton, NY
BuildLabs Client

We couldn’t be happier with BuildLabs! The team was proactive in finding the best technical solutions that were in line with our budget. We cannot recommend them enough, and if we are ever in the market to build another new home, they will be our choice again!

Max & Rudy
Sag Harbor, NY
BuildLabs Client

Build to Suit

Designing a custom home can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what your dream home looks like. Our Build To Suit approach offers you a beautifully designed collection of home models to customize with a simplified process and fixed cost. With the help of our designers, we can fully customize your selected model in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
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Featured Home

FP | 3000



Modern design emphasizing flow and integrated spaces with finishes radiating warmth. Indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly via fully operable sliders, complemented by a multifunctional pool house. Optional 1,552 sq.ft. basement available.
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Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home Build
Finished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildFinished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home BuildBuildLabs Finished Custom Home Build

Frequently asked questions

How fast can my home be built?

Speed and responsiveness define us. With a building permit in hand, we can provide a construction budget in two weeks. Once details are settled, construction can begin within four weeks, weather-dependent.

If you choose our design-build option, we'll draft an initial design in about two weeks. The entire design process generally spans 4-12 weeks, with permitting times varying by jurisdiction. Once permits are secured, typical home completions range from 6-10 months, depending on design complexity. Tiny homes and other ADU structures have a shorter timeline.

At BuildLabs, we prioritize swift project realization, emphasizing that quality doesn't have to come at a higher price or longer timeline.

What is the BuildLabs Promise?

Drawing from our data-driven construction methodology and extensive experience, we create homes that respect your budget and timeline. We offer a fixed-price contract, a 180-day price guarantee, and a clear project timeline. Post-construction, we back our work with a 100-year structural warranty, a mark of our dedication to excellence.

Are BuildLabs' materials eco-friendly and health-conscious?

Yes! Health and sustainability are paramount. We use certified, natural, and formaldehyde-free building materials. Our homes are airtight with superior insulation for energy efficiency, and we offer integrated eco-solutions like solar and geothermal systems.

What makes BuildLabs' precision engineering unique?

BuildLabs combines masterful craftsmanship with the latest technology. By utilizing state-of-the-art software, we ensure every detail is meticulously integrated. Our Custom Engineered Construction (CEC) guarantees pinpoint accuracy in both crafting and installation.

Do I need an architect or designer before contacting you?

No. We can provide a complete design-build solution, collaborate with your chosen architect, or work from existing plans. For a streamlined process, we offer a Homes for Sale option, allowing you to select or customize one of our Bespoke home designs. Discover our BuildLabs Home collection.

Do I need a general contractor to work with BuildLabs?

BuildLabs provides a holistic service, overseeing every facet from design to construction for a turnkey solution. In areas where we don't provide full services, we handle design, engineering, and the core & shell solution. A local licensed builder or general contractor can then finalize the project. However, we can manage the entire endeavor, giving clients the flexibility to determine our level of involvement and control their budget.

Where do you build?

BuildLabs operates nationwide. While our headquarters is in the Hamptons, New York, we offer our products and services across the country.

I’d like to build a home. Where do I start?

Begin your BuildLabs journey by completing our online form. Once submitted, we'll arrange a consultation. During this session, we'll gauge where you stand in the process, map out requirements, and provide a construction budget using our in-house algorithm. This ensures your design aligns with the budget, eliminating surprises or late-stage adjustments.

At BuildLabs, our ambition transcends mere construction; we're on a mission to redefine excellence in the craftsman's legacy. Whether you're dreaming of a new home, or an industry professional interested in partnering on a build, we invite you to contact us today and take the first step in Building a Better Future.